The best wedding invitation wording for friends

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The big day is getting close and you are thinking about potential words you will use for the invitations. You have been wondering about some special design and special texture of the paper, color of the text and color of the paper. It is a good decision that you want to look for some advices and some answers. It isn’t something you can do easily, the most important thing is to do it with a great sense for the perfect look and you must do it with the sense for beautiful.

Wedding invitations are as important as dress or hairstyle

Make it beautiful

Wedding invitation wording for friends mean that you have to put some interesting words, something that can be a good memory from the times you were young and you didn’t care for the people’s opinion. Today it is a little different situation. You have to worry for a big guests list and to think about both families. That’s way this can be really interesting, a place where you can let your fantasy go, where you can let your creativity to walk the Earth. Wedding invitation wording for friends can be done on the paper, strange shapes and written with the quality pen. Wedding invitation wording for friends can be a funny story written by your favorite novelist, some short intimate confession or something that has is your main characteristic as a couple.


All thoughts are set on the idea for wedding invitation

Wedding is a big day for the future couple, you don’t have to forget that you have to show some respect to the people that helped you to organize this special event.


Play with your craziest thoughts and the funniest memories. Use the words that will show all your love to each other. It the first thing you will do together as a couple, it must be special and pretty, it must have some style. It can be made in retro, vintage, elegant, romantic, sophisticated, rock or other styles. Chose the Wedding invitation wording for friends and finish one part of the big job for the wedding day. You may need to think this try. It is all in your head.

    Wedding invitation wording ideas

Surprise, surprise

All the creativity and all the passion for making the wedding invitation wording for friends is in you. Discover exotic pictures and the possibly place you want to visit, make a joke with your honey moon, tell them in this funny way where you want to go, and what would be your perfect gift. If they are truly your friends they will understand a joke and they won’t be offended with you open telling them what you want for gift. Maybe they even find the town you picked.