Formula One driver Jenson Button girlfriend

Jenson Button is a Britain Formula One driver. Hi is currently driving for the team of McLaren. Jenson Button won the Formula One Champion in the 2009 year, when he was driving for the Brawn GP. His starts begin in the eight year of his life, after what he started to drive and was even in the big contests as British Formula Ford Championship and British Formula Three Championship. When Ross Brawn bought his team he was starting a new life in highly competitive race. He was driving Mercedes when he won the Brazilian Grand Prix, securing in that way his place in the World’s Drivers Championship.

Jenson Button girlfriend

Early starts..

Later he started to race for McLaren with Lewis Hamilton. He was named for the men of the year in 2009th and 2011th year. He comes from the family of the racers because his father was also a car racer. What is interesting to know is the fact that he fall from his first drive test. He was driving in the past for Williams, Benetton, Renault, Bar, Honda, Brawn GP, McLaren and this partnership still lasts. Jenson Button is famous for having special smooth driving style and that means that he knows how much he has to move his wheel when it is needed to be the best, in the corners.


Third long relationship in his life…

Jenson Button girlfriend is a model. Tis relationship is everything but classic relationship. This two meet in the hotel lobby and he fight for the first date for months. Eventually she said yes and big love was born. Jenson Button girlfriend left him after two years and hard separate life they lead.


After month or two he wanted for her to quit with her work and to follow him around the world. Jenson Button girlfriend is not the type of girlfriend that goes with her boyfriend all the time and that was the main reason for them to break up. After Jenson Button girlfriend told him that she isn’t planning to leave her career because of his career.

Girlfriend Jenson Button Button girlfriend

Happy finally?

They finally get together and now they are enjoying all the time they have. Jenson Button girlfriend loves small surprises he makes. Jenson likes to cook for her in his house in Monaco. Like most of the players. Jenson Button girlfriend said that she will go to visit him whenever she is free, as the same as her singer college Nicole Scherzinger, who is in the love relationship with Hamilton. Jenson Button girlfriend is really pretty half Japanese, half Spanish girl who took all the best characteristics from these two nations. If you believe in love, than you have to believe in this couple.